Pavel Pelčák: Czech Architecture 1999-2000      


Publisher's Note

Inotensive increase of interest of the broad public in conterporary Czech architecture and housing culture was proved distinctly by the issue of the publication "Czech Architecture 1989-1999". We are glad to be able to follow this first successful publication with its chronological successor-"Czech Architecture 1999-2000". However, in comparison with the first volume which presented a cross section and an attempt at an assessment of a whole decade the present publication has a somewhat modified framework.
After long debates we have not included among the selected designs by Czech architects built in the territory of the Czech Republic and outside it in the period concerned the buildings designed by Czech architects who have lived or are still living abroad. Their works, no doubt interesting, will certainly appear in the publications evaluating longer development periods of Czech architecture, ideally in a separate monograph. Our selection does not include the designs of foreign architects, either. At the same time we have given more room to the selected buildings which has made it possible to increase the scope of relevant drawings. On the other hand, the texts providing basic information on the individual buildings have been reduced and provided with English translations enabling a broader impact of the book. Every building is supplemented with the address, as a result of which the publication can serve also as a guidebook. The only exception are residential buildings which lack not only addresses, but also names and costs. The selection of 32 buildings is accompanied by a map showing their geographic distribution.

Dagmar Vernerová

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